Commercial Fire Doors

Fire rated doors and frames are crucial to maintaining safety in the event of a fire. With fire protection, you want products that you can trust. That’s why we sell nothing but the best.

All of our fire doors have UL-certified fire ratings. Our staff can help you choose the best level of fire rating to meet your needs.

With a wide selection of door hardware available including door knobs, lever locksets, and push/pull plates, ABS Sales Co. is a one-stop shop for all your door needs.

We offer:

On-Site Modification

We have our own UL-certified modification shop on the premises, where we can customize door heights. We can also prep doors on the premises for:
Deadbolts and peep holes
Punch and dimple
Masonry brackets
Drywall anchoring
Vision Lites (dealer of Air Louvers)

Handicap Accessible Fire Doors and Hardware

We sell fire doors and fire rated door hardware that meet American Disability Act (ADA) guidelines, including delayed action door closers, and ADA-compliant lever locksets.

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Door Swing Direction Diagram

Door Swing Direction

View the diagram to learn what hand your door is. Determine what hand your door is. Learn door swing direction for properly choosing the correct door for your room. In order to determine your door swing direction by using the diagram shown above, imagine the square box is the room. Now imagine if you're inside the room or outside the room. Let’s start by being inside the room (inside the square) and you want the door to open out into the next room. You will need to use the doors on either the left or right of the square. If you want the door to open to the right or left simply look at the door designation on the diagram. The same thing can be done by imaging you want to go into the room (go into square) to see what door hand you need.